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Are you a small business owner, artist, content creator or brand that would like to help people but has not been thrilled with spending hours in your DMs answering the same questions over and over again?! Then this is the place for you. Just drop all your frequently asked questions and their responses in our community forum and direct your followers to one link for all the answers they are looking for.

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Know where to find the best gigs? Who pays fairly and who is a pain to work with? Which apps out there are best for making creator’s lives easier? The more you contribute, the more you can access insider tips to grow your business!

Contribute to fair compensation

We all know this is the Wild Wild West as far as pay rates go for content. Some with 10k followers are making the same as or more than those with over 100k followers. If we don’t talk about it, we won’t know who is undercharging and how to fix it!

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We gather data from all sides of the influencer marketing and content creation industry to bring you the real lowdown on what is happening each month. So take a quick read through to find trends that are dominating the influencer marketing space.

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Be warned – unpopular opinions live here, such as…

We believe: 

Your follower count shouldn’t dictate your pay rate

There’s room for everyone in this industry

We can all win, it isn’t a competition

Sharing collab deets helps everyone

We don’t need to hoard opportunities

Talking about pay shouldn’t be taboo 

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More than a BFF, we’re a community of influencers that all care about EVERYONE winning. If you believe that there is room for everyone, this is the place to hang out. Share and learn, grow your influence and get more paid opportunities!

We don’t care if you have 5 followers or 500 thousand followers. You can sit with us, and we will all succeed together. Contrary to popular belief, there is room for everyone to be successful online if they desire to. Hoarding information in an already murky industry helps no one, and hurts you in the long run!

Think about it – if the “norm” stays as is, then your chances of easily being paid what you’re worth will never get any better. If you’re tired of weeding through ridiculous lowball offers and feeling like there is a wall of mystery surrounding being a successful online creator, now’s your chance to be part of the change!

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