Well . . . . I did It and became a FULL-TIME youTuber

I FINALLY DID IT ! I left everything behind and have become a full-time YouTuber. Been going at it for 2.5 months already. I did a few days in Hollywood, 1 month in Belize, and now in Mexico for 1.5 months already. Sadly my external drive crashed and I lost most of the great Hollywood, California footage.

I have uploaded a lot of Belize videos already and now in Mexico, I am releasing 3 videos a week. I have seen a lot of growth in my channel since I was in Belize.

I have a strong feeling my channel will take off and I can keep doing this until I drop dead.

A Warning for those who plan to do this as a career. It is a lot more work than you think. Long, long hours. Traveling in packed vehicles, and staying in some sketchy hotels. Editing until 3 am and getting up to film at 8 am. You got to be rough and tough and be able to laugh it off.

I am loving it so far and hopefully, one day get monetized. I do not care about getting rich but at least make enough money so that it pays for my hotels (nicer ones), my transportation (a rented car now and then), my food and plane tickets.

My dream is coming true and yours can too.



  1. Maleia Smith

    That’s amazing!! So happy for you and best wishes to you and your journey 😊

  2. This is so awesome! Congrats and thank you for sharing this inspiring story with us 🙂

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